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ColorWare releases $200 NES-Style Joy-Con, and they look fantastic

by Lewis White


Custom peripheral company ColorWare have released a pair of beautifully painted Joy-Con modeled after the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. With a high level of quality and a niche audience, you can be sure that these Joy-Con will be quite expensive. How expensive? Oh, about $200.

ColorWare’s peripherals are all created on top of the original controllers. Any controller for any and all systems available to purchase comes straight from the original manufacturer of that system, meaning that build quality will be exactly the same as what your console seller provides. The Joy-Con features that you have come to love are not tampered with in any way, leaving the gyrometer, accelerometer, rumble features and buttons exactly the same as your average Switch controller. Should you have a dodgy pair, every controller is kept under ColorWare’s warranty policy for a quick return. As they should be if they cost $200.


For those of you who are interested in the NES Joy-Con, you might want to hurry up and snatch them up. These special controllers are going to be a timed limited edition piece, alongside a retro-style PS4 Pro and PS4 Controller. The first 25 controllers will even have a special number of authenticity, just to prove that you’re the best. For those who decide to buy, the Joy-Con will take three weeks to ship, so you better be a patient customer.

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