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Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.3 Patch Notes Coming Soon Details Revealed

It has been 4 months since the last major update

by David Coulson


8 months after the game was first released, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally getting its third update with the new 1.3 patch. The game was originally released in December 2020 and after an 8-year development, it left many fans disappointed, with many promised remove from the game and the overall experience being full of glitches and issues, many of which are still unresolved today. While no official release date for the new patch has been revealed, we can expect it to be released very soon based on previous updates.

In a new series of “What’s new in Night City” videos, CD Projekt Red detailed what we can expect from the 1.3 update, but unfortunately, it isn’t much, and certainly not as much as we’d expect considering it has been 4 months since the last patch came to Cyberpunk 2077. The new update will revolve around just 3 new changes to the game, a better minimap when driving, adjustments to a story choice, and a way to reset your skill points.

New Minimap is a Disappointing Addition

In a blog post, CD Projekt Red detailed each of the new features that would be coming to the game. One of these is an updated minimap which doesn’t look vastly different from the previous one, and it certainly isn’t anything to really write home about. The first “What’s new in Night City” video shows off the new minimap side by side with the map from the current 1.23 update and to be honest I wouldn’t have even noticed the change had I not known about it in advance.

New Story Choices

This next change is a welcomed one because many players experienced issues with this particular mission. Natalia, a UI programmer for Cyberpunk 2077, detailed what we can expect from this change saying “When I joined the project, it was one of my first assignments. Until I realized there was a problem with the video system, I spent considerable time trying to understand our video UI system through the code lines. The duration of the video was less than the video clip. Now players will better understand the decision to make in this situation.”

Reset Skill Points

This new change will allow players to experiment with the skill points in the game, giving them the ability to change them if your character build doesn’t live up to expectations. While it is a welcomed change, this is something that really should have been in the game since day 1.

No official release date for the 1.3 update has been given, but CD Projekt Red did note on Twitter that “Just like the last time, full patch notes are coming soon!”

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