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Rumor: Dark Souls Remastered For PS4 Leaked Via Twitter

by Jelani James


For years now, Dark Souls fans have been begging for a remastered version of DS1 and now it looks like they might get their wish, as there are at least two strong indicators which suggest that the frequently talked about remaster is real and headed to all current-gen platforms — including the Switch.

The first of these is a picture on Twitter that shows a listing for something called Dark Souls Remastered. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence of tampering and the listing itself features a few notable pieces of information such as various codes, a price and release date.

Per usual, leaks like this would be taken with a grain of salt. Rather, that would be the case would it not be for a report from Kotaku UK that claims the same thing.

Several hours after the Twitter leak, a report surfaced on Kotaku UK which cites unnamed sources claiming that a Dark Souls remaster will be announced for the Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct Mini and will later be announced for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The report claims part of the reason why the two will be announced separately (other than timing) is because a different company will be handling the Switch port.

In addition, the report alleges that all three Dark Souls titles will make their way to the Switch eventually, but it won’t be coming in the form of a “trilogy” bundle yet.

Lastly, what helps tie both of these together is that both indicate that Dark Souls Remastered will be arriving in May.

Though it’s somewhat disappointing that Demon Souls appears to have been overlooked, news about a Dark Souls remaster will certainly excite fans — especially those on the Switch — who have been clamoring about it for months. Now all that’s left to see is whether it gets announced once the Nintendo Direct Mini arrives in a few hours.

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