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Deep Down will make its return at Tokyo Game Show

| September 4, 2013

Deep Down will make its return at Tokyo Game Show News  PS4 Deep Down Capcom

Sony is set to showcase a bunch of games at Tokyo Game Show later this month, including a second look at Deep Down, the impressive RPG that Capcom gave us a glimpse of back in February. Sony recently announced that they would be showing 50 titles at TGS 2013, 10 of which are exclusive to the PS4. The other 40 games will be heading to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita handheld.

Last month we got a few new details about Deep Down. A report revealed that the game is currently in development at Capcom’s Online Games studio, and it’s expected that the game will be an online RPG of some sort. Other than the impressive tech demo that we saw back at the PS4 reveal, we’ve had very little to go on with Deep Down.

Hopefully Capcom will reveal new details about Deep Down, more importantly, when we can expect the title on the PS4. Stay tuned for the Tokyo Game Show. This year it runs from September 19th – 22nd.

Deep Down PS4 Demo

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  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Looking forward to this, with it being online only i’m expecting something like destiny in a fantasy setting.

    • GK15

      It does look pretty sick

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        Hope they do reveal proper game play at Tokyo, it’s probably my most anticipated announced game, Deep Down, Lords of the Fallen and Destiny are easily the 3 games i’m looking forward to most

  • Facts First

    Oooh that video is some of the worst looking games I;ve ever seen.

    • Wizard of Peace

      Stop talking about titanfall. Dont you see this is an artical on Deep Down?

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        lol dude he knows exactly what he’s doing don’t stoop to his level, Titan fall looks pretty good as does deep down.

        as it happens deep down is multiplat so it was probably a dig at me liking the game rather than ps4 anyway

        • Wizard of Peace

          I’m really not that exited about titanfall it looks just like another first person shooter. Deep Down is looking good.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Well I can understand that to be honest, I’m not a big fps multiplayer fan give me an RPG any day.

            The online FPS multiplayer market is pretty full

          • Allen

            What i don’t like about Titanfall is that 1) it looks like current gen graphics 2) the gameplay looks a lot like COD. The way they run, how everything looks, hit markers all remind me of COD. If it’s good I’ll get it on PC though but prob. not. I only have so much room in my life for FPS games and Battlefield takes the #1 spot these days.

        • Mattress

          So this is on PS4 and Xbox? I had assumed it was PS4 exclusive. Love RPGs but its always so hard to tell how the game will actually play based off these cinematic trailers. Hopefully it rocks!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            na it was annouced at the ps4 reveal and Capcom have been pretty close to Sony but it’s always been a multiplat

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Just noticed you saying it’s a cinematic trailer, Most of it is actually game play!!!

            looks phenomenal doesn’t it!

          • NathGamer

            The second trailer for this game looks totally different. Confused :/

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I thought that at first but it actually isn’t, I slowed it down on youtube and it’s just awful creatures in dungeons, I reckon it’s gonna be a bit like Dark Souls and that is a massive plus!!

          • Mattress

            Wow. That is amazing. Hopefully combat can live up to the spectacular visuals then!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            it appears i was wrong and it’s actually being developed as an exclusive, when it was announced i’m certain it was multi plat

          • Mattress

            Ah well. Looks great either way! Hope you PS4 peeps enjoy it!

  • GK15

    Game looks awesome

  • Drokk

    this site says PS4 only … forever

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      I stand corrected appears to be exclusive!! Sony needs to do way more marketing, i read the gaming news every day and didn’t know this and even though i was going with the ps4 anyway this makes me even happier about it!!

  • jaskdavis

    Very interested in this game!

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