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Destiny Beta Comparison Video Between PS4 and PS3 Is Like Night And Day

by Dean James


Just the other day, we brought you some comparison screenshots for the beta version of Destiny between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions. The two versions definitely look quite different, but it is sometimes hard to tell as much on screenshots. Luckily, we now have video footage that compares the two, with the two truly looking like night and day at some points. Courtesy of Dualshockers, this video has the two versions side by side, to where we can easily compare the two throughout a few different locations in the game.

The level of detail in the PlayStation 4 version is immensely higher than the PlayStation 3 version obviously, with the the panning shots showing the most different. We seem to have a blur effect used on the PlayStation 3, while the PlayStation 4 version looks fantastic. Even on the more up close segments where you are talking with someone else, the PS4 versions outshines the PS3 version. It’s not quite to the level of the panning shots, but it still makes a difference.

Considering the power difference, the PlayStation 3 version does look about as good as it can, just with the aforementioned blur effect. If you have the option, you will of course want to get the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions, but it is nice to know there is still a quality option out there for those that haven’t adopted a new console yet.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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