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Destiny The Dark Below Full Experience Will Be On PlayStation

by William Schwartz


It has been known for a while that Destiny will have PlayStation exclusive content but it looks to also extend into the upcoming expansions as well starting with the upcoming Destiny The Dark Below expansion.

On top of the announcement earlier today of The Dark Below expansion for Destiny which raises the level cap by a paltry two light levels, it seems that it will also favor Destiny fans who have purchased the title on their respective PlayStation console as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 will both have an additional co-op Strike added to their list of content for The Dark Below. ‘The Undying Mind’ is the newest PlayStation exclusive strike that will take place in ‘The Black Garden’. This is the second PlayStation exclusive strike behind ‘Dust Palace’ which was an exclusive strike that launched with the game. These exclusives will stay that way and not reach Xbox consoles until “at least fall 2015” according to official word from Activision.

So this means that if you for instance own the game on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and have purchased season passes on both. For the exact same amount of money you put into it, the Xbox version is short two strikes, a crucible map (Exodus Blue), armor sets, and more shown here. All of which won’t release until “at least fall 2015”. Well that kind of sucks for Xbox users. This only is including content we know about given that there is supposedly exclusive content in each expansion for PlayStation. So ‘House Of Wolves’ is likely to also offer exclusives as well.

So how does this line up? I guess it was lined up pretty clearly from the start and announced in advance. Except it is kind of upsetting that fans who pay the exact same thing will not get the same content on release and will have to wait about a year for that content to appear in their game. PlayStation fans, well I guess they made the right choice as far as which system to pick up Destiny on. I guess PlayStation was serious when they said “The Ultimate Destiny Experience is Only on PlayStation.”

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