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Destiny Gets Updated to Prepare for The Dark Below

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny: The Dark Below will be available starting December 9th at 1am Pacific Time. To prepare for this first expansion DLC, Bungie has issued a hot-fix that paves the way. If you are wanting to jump onto the new content starting immediately at release, make sure you hop into Destiny early and download this update. Once The Dark Below hits the servers will probably get a little jammed up, causing delays. In the meantime, check out the contents of this hot-fix below:

The Dark Below

  • General bug fixes to content features in The Dark Below


  • Increased challenge levels for the following:
    • Daily Heroic Story
    • Weekly Heroic Strike
    • Weekly Nightfall Strike

These increased challenge levels are part of the changes hitting all Destiny players as a part of the optional The Dark Below expansion. Along with the increased challenge comes changes to make your life easier. Weapons and gear will be enhanced and will be available from the vendors in the Tower. If you need to do get some upgrades you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them once The Dark Below hits.

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