More Details On The Final Fantasy XV Demo

by Damian Seeto

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata, gave more details on the game’s demo during today’s Active Time Report. He also gave more information on the full game itself too.

First of all, Tabata explained more about why the car is no longer available for you to drive in the Final Fantasy XV demo. He said he got feedback from fans and they wanted to know more about the characters and explore the world. The development team and Tabata both agreed walking to explore the world will be a better experience for gamers to get to know the characters and environment more. Driving around will still be a part of the main game though.

Because Square Enix altered the Final Fantasy XV demo, they have had to remove some things from the demo. They are also hiding some story spoilers in the demo too, but the area will still be large enough for players to explore. Tabata reckons gamers can complete the demo in around two hours.

Tabata also said Square Enix is still thinking of the best way to implement in the airship to Final Fantasy XV. There are some technical issues that they have to overcome though. He thinks flying in the game as it is right now isn’t very fun. He’s hoping by the time the actual game comes out, they can overcome the airship issues.