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Diablo III Inferno mode will probably kick your ass

by William Schwartz


Diablo III’s Inferno mode is rumored to devilishly hard, according to a recent interview with Blizzard’s Jay Wilson. Wilson explains the testing process for Diablo III, and how the team used a super hardcore group of Diablo players to set the bar for the new game’s hardest difficulty settings, then “doubled it”.

“Internally, we had this super hardcore test group – we’ve got a lot of hardcore players at Blizzard – that tested Inferno, and we got it to the point where they thought it was challenging enough. Then we doubled it. Because we knew, no matter how good we are, our players are gonna be better. We focused on making that as difficult as we could make it.”

If you’re worried about being able to go at Diablo III’s Inferno mode on your own, don’t. Wilson also explained in the recent interview with IGN that the game’s difficulty depends on the number of players playing the game so you can “absolutely solo” in Inferno, granted you have the wherewithal.

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