The Division Getting Another State Of The Game This Week As A “Catch-Up”

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by Mike Guarino

While Ubisoft’s MMO/Shooter The Division got off to solid start when it launched earlier this year, there definitely have been some bumps in the road along the way. While the game got the Underground DLC as a means to get people back into the game, the DLCs poor reception did little to get people back on the train.

However, despite community manager Hamish Bode being on a vacation that put the State of the Game updates on hold, it has now been revealed that the next one will take place on August 18th. While some may be wondering if any big announcements would be coming during this update, Bode himself already confirmed on Twitter that that won’t be the case.

Bode responded to a Tweet asking about whether or not big things were coming to The Division, to which he replied with “In the coming weeks? Yes. This Thursday though will be more of a catch-up I think.”

While the Underground DLC launched in a state that put off many players, they did release an update that aimed to fix some of the criticisms. One of the biggest ones was the developer refusing to include all gear sets in the DLC, which is something they quickly changed in the update due to the criticism. Enemy drop rates were also increased, with operations also providing better gear.

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