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Don’t Expect To See Skate 4 From EA Anytime Soon

by Damian Seeto


It has been six long years since Skate 3 came out in 2010 and many fans have been waiting for Skate 4 to come out. Sadly though, it appears a new Skate game is not in EA’s radar right now.

A fan tweeted “SKATE 4” to both the Twitter accounts of EA and EA Sports because they were hyping up the EA Play event in June. Well EA gave some bad news to everyone when they replied.

They said: “We love the passion our players feel for the Skate franchise. A new game is not in development, but we appreciate your feedback.

There you have it folks. There is not a new Skate game currently in development at EA which means we won’t be seeing Skate 4 in the foreseeable future.

The one thing that could change EA’s mind is if sales of Skate 3 rise again when it finally becomes Xbox One backwards compatible. Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox 360 saw a big rise in sales when it became playable on Xbox One earlier this month.

Sadly, the skateboarding genre is not as popular as it once was back in the early ’00s. It didn’t help that Activision released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate 5 last year and further ruined people’s interest in skating games…

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