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DOOM Update 5 Patch Notes Detailed – Bots and New Gamemode Added to Multiplayer

by Kyle Hanson


DOOM update 5 is hitting PC today, and Bethesda has given the full details, including the addition of bots to multiplayer. This update is completely free for those who own the game, adding more content and fun to the experience, at no additional charge. Below are the full DOOM Update 5 multiplayer patch notes, so check them out for all of the changes.

“Multiplayer: Added new game mode, Infernal Run. Teams fight to obtain the ball and score in the opponent’s goal. Added Bots for multiplayer. Bots are available on original multiplayer maps in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch game modes. Increased the maximum level cap to Echelon 11, level 50. Added the DOOM Marine Armor (Praetor Suit) as unlockable perk for achieving maximum multiplayer level cap. Resolved an issue where rapid controller input caused unusually high shotgun damage.

Snapmap, the map creation tools built into DOOM, will also see a bunch of changes and additions. These include: “You can now play as the DOOM Marine in Praetor Suit Armor. Added over 30 Lazarus Lab–themed modules. Added Lazarus Lab–themed props. Improved Object Limits. Persistent Integer variables that can be passed between missions within a campaign.” But there are many more. Click here to read about all of them.

DOOM recently won multiple awards at The Game Awards 2016, including Best Action Game. While many doubted that a reboot of the venerable series could do well in today’s gaming market, the game has become quite popular and was extremely well received. The old school shooter action has seemed to strike a cord with gamers, bringing back something that has been missing from the FPS genre for many years.

It also helps that the game has been well supported with free updates like DOOM Update 5. Keep checking Steam for the update, as it should arrive soon. There was no mention of when or if this update will hit PS4 and Xbox One just yet.

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