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Dragon Ball FighterZ Developers were Surprised by the Hype and Excitement at E3

by Kyle Hanson


One of the bigger surprises out of E3 2017 was the announcement of a fantastic looking 2D fighting game set in the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball FighterZ lit up the crowd at Sony’s E3 press conference, and quickly became a hit on the show floor. Fans were of course excited and surprised, but they weren’t the only ones. Turns out the developers were also pretty surprised at seeing just how hyped fans got about the new game.

In a behind closed doors gameplay presentation in the middle of Bandai Namco’s epic E3 booth myself and a few other journalists sat down to learn all about the new game. I’ll be sharing some more details as well as my impressions from getting hands-on time with the title, but this nugget stood out as worth sharing.

The presenter, Gary Gillet explained that the team was not fully prepared for the reception that Dragon Ball FighterZ would receive at E3 2017. “Today we’re talking about Dragon Ball FighterZ. I know lots of people are excited about this game. The hype is very high since the announcement. We’re very happy about this. Surprised a bit. We knew that the game is very good, but still, the hype is very high. I guess because of the people who have been waiting for this type of game.”

Gary then went on to explain a lot of interesting details about Dragon Ball FighterZ, which I’ll break down a bit more later on, so check back for that soon. It’s easy and fair to say that the game looks great, both aesthetically and in its gameplay. You can check out some fresh gameplay below, though they only let me film over my shoulder.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will have a closed beta later this summer and will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Off-Screen Gameplay from E3 2017

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