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E3 2016: The Division Underground DLC Expansion Will Be A Unique Experience Every Time

by Dean James


Tom Clancy’s The Division was a major success at launch and still continues to be full of players in its PvP Dark Zone, but what we’ve really been waiting on for awhile is the first big expansion for the game, which is coming with the Underground DLC.

We learned during the Microsoft E3 conference earlier today that it would be coming first to Xbox One on June 28 in a quick teaser, but we learned a good bit more during Ubisoft’s own E3 conference.

The Underground expansion will have you and your team fighting a threat hidden underneath the city. Even time you play will be different, with further rewards the more you advance.

The Division’s Underground expansion will be going live on June 28 for Xbox One and PC, with it coming a little later on August 2 for PS4 owners.


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