Elden Ring DLC Announced One Year After Release

There will be more mysteries to uncover in FromSoftware's latest hit!

by Marc Magrini
Elden Ring DLC Announced One Year After Release
Image: FromSoftware

Elden Ring has enjoyed a great deal of success after its release. This success has led to many players wondering if the game would receive post-launch expansions. While it seemed like all they’d get is a simple PVP update, a recent announcement has confirmed the hopes of fans worldwide. The minds behind Elden Ring have just announced that a DLC expansion known as Shadow of the Erdtree is currently in development.

Currently, the only things known about the DLC are its name and a picture to represent it. This is notably different when compared to previous DLC announcements by FromSoftware. In the case of Dark Souls III, the reveal of new content was usually paired with a trailer and release date. The DLC for Elden Ring was announced without any sort of date. Combined with the announcement tweet’s wording, this implies that fans will still have to wait some time before more information is revealed.

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Thanks to the image shared by the announcement, however, it’s possible to speculate on what the DLC will include. True to its name, Shadow of the Erdtree will feature a massive blackened tree with gold spilling out of it, giving a notably different feel to the shining tree found in the base game. The area shown surrounding the tree has similarities to Altus Plateau, though its layout is unfamiliar, implying players will get to explore locations they haven’t seen before.

The image paired with Elden Ring’s DLC announcement also has a strange figure riding Torrent. There are occasional mentions of Torrent having a former master in the base game, making it seem as though players will get some answers to their steed’s origins. The mysterious figure also has similarities to Queen Marika — namely, her golden hair and ornate headdress. Whether or not this figure has any relation to Elden Ring’s queen, it’s clear that there will be more to speculate on than gameplay before the DLC releases.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023