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Evolve Alpha Invites Sent Out, More Opportunities To Join Coming

by Kyle Hanson


Evolve publisher 2K and developer Turtle Rock Studios have begun the first round of the game’s alpha. Announced via Twitter saying “The Hunt begins! Evolve Alpha invitations have been sent out!” Invites to all those that were accepted have been sent, so if you applied earlier in the month be sure to check your email for the invite.

The Hunt begins! Evolve Alpha invitations have been sent out! Check your email.

If you don’t see the invite then unfortunately you have missed out. Thankfully the official Evolve twitter account also promised future chances to get in. “If you didn’t receive an invite, there will be more opportunities to participate in future alphas and join the hunt.” So while you can’t enjoy the monster killing action for now, you might get to join the fun later.

Evolve is a unique co-operative and competitive first-person shooter title from some of the developers who created Left 4 Dead. The game tasks four players with taking down a giant monster. All five characters, including the monster itself, are controlled by humans in a frenetic four versus one match. The monster can evolve into a more lethal form as the game progresses, and eventually wins by completing his objective or completely eliminating the human opponents.

The humans win by finally killing the monster, which can take a long time depending on how effective the team is. Various special weapons and abilities help the humans take the beast down, such as a bubble shield that traps the creature, or an aerial assault that drops bombs from above. Each of the four classes of human players must utilize their special abilities together to become the most efficient team they can be.

Evolve will be released on October 21st for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Ever since its debut Evolve has garnered wide praise from press, winning multiple awards at its many convention showings.

- This article was updated on:July 31st, 2014

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