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Evolve’s Shear Madness Update Adds New Character, Co-Op Mode And More

by Mike Guarino


Turtle Rock Studios recently launched a new free-to-play version of their multiplayer shooter called Evolve, which they have officially dubbed Evolve Stage 2. To keep the new fans engaged they are launching a new 5-week event called Shear Madness, which will bring an update to the game each week during its run.

One of the first big additions to the game as part of this event is a new medic character named Quantum Caira, who has sustained healing powers and abilities to keep her teammates going. Along with the new character comes a new co-op mode, 3 map variants, character adaptations and more.

Here’s a breakdown of all of Caira’s abilities:

  • Proton Field – A zone that deals damage over time to enemies. Can stack multiple fields.
  • Regeneration Field – A Generyst zone that heals Hunters. Can stack multiple fields.
  • Neutron Barrier – A short damage-resistance buff for all nearby Hunters.
  • Generyst II Field: An area that heals Hunters and damages Monsters for the duration of the effect.

While Evolve originally launched in early 2015 and was hampered by its DLC scheme, the new free-to-play version has brought it new life that has a lot more people playing it again. The game is currently free-to-play on Steam, though the developer is also considering bringing this new model to the console versions of the game, as well.

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