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Fallout 3 Remake Capital Wasteland Looks Amazing In Latest Update

by Jelani James


Believe it or not, Fallout 3 will be turning 10 this year. However, if you were to take a look at the Capital Wasteland project — a fan-made remake of Fallout 3 using Fallout 4’s engine — not knowing that, then you would swear that it was genuinely a new entry in development by Bethesda itself.

Capital Wasteland has been in the works since 2017 (that was when the update log began, at least) and though progress has been slow, it looks incredible thus far. If the most recent update — which shows the player meeting the Brotherhood of Steel paladins at Tenleytown Station before going on to take down a Super Mutant Behemoth — is any indication, then the quality has only gotten better since we first saw it.

Unfortunately, Capital Wasteland is still very much a work in progress.

In January’s update, the team said “at least 40 percent of the [Fallout 3] wasteland has been painstakingly recreated by the team” and that major quests The Wasteland Survival Guide and Following His Footsteps were done (remember this stretches back to at least April 2017), meaning that there is plenty of more work to be done. So much work, in fact, that when compounded with the reality that this is being developed by volunteers on their free time, the team has no idea when it will be done.

And assuming that they do finish it, it will be a PC-exclusive mod because it’s “well past the limitations for modifications for consoles,” according to the site’s FAQ.

So while that is a bummer, at least there is some gameplay to see what to expect once the mod (hopefully) arrives. Check it out below:

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