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Fallout 76 2021 Roadmap Revealed

Ask questions about the upcoming content in a future AMA

by Lisa Nguyen


Bethesda has announced Fallout 76’s 2021 roadmap. The developer outlined the major updates planned for each season, starting with Spring. The new content will include player-requested content plus the conclusion of a storyline that was introduced last year.

Developers Jeff Gardiner (Project Lead) and Mark Tucker (Design Director) will host an AMA on Reddit from March 23 from 11:30 AM to 1 PM ET. Players can submit their questions regarding the upcoming update during this time frame.

Fallout 76 Seasons 4-7

The Spring content features the “Locked and Loaded” update. The game will introduce S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, C.A.M.P. Slots, Mannequins, and an all-new Daily Ops expansion.

Starting at Level 25, players can access a brand-new ability to reboot all of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points for free when inside a C.A.M.P. The new ability includes creating, saving, and switching between custom point allocations and Perk Card assignments.

The Daily Ops update almost doubles the amount of random content currently available. New enemies, locations, mutations, and more are included. With all the additional loot available, players will need to keep some inventory slots empty.

Those that own Fallout 76 through the launcher can test out the Spring update now on the Private Test Server.

Summer’s “Steel Reign” content update focuses on The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel. Their story will conclude with all new quests, locations, NPCs, and rewards.

This Fall is the “Worlds are Changing” update that includes private worlds. Unfortunately, this season has the least information released about it so far, except that it includes the second Daily Ops expansion.

The 2021 roadmap concludes with Winter’s “Tales from the Stars.” The content includes four-star legendaries, “Invaders From Beyond” public challenge to unite players across the server, daily ops surprises, and C.A.M.P. pets.

“The Ritual” seasonal event focuses on the Cultists of Appalachia. Players will help the Point Pleasant cultists prepare an exciting yet dangerous ritual. In return, survivors will receive unique rewards.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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