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FFXIV Endwalker DPS Job Changes Details (Including Reaper)

Class Updates and New Reaper Class
Endwalker Reaper

Final Fantasy XIV will introduce all-new job changes to every Ranged DPS to both Ranged Physical and Ranged Magical classes, as well as a brand new Reaper class, all will be introduced in the new Endwalker expansion pack.

Ranged Physical

The Machinist job design has not been changed but there are a few new additions. A new action Chain Saw will be added, the Automaton Queen will be getting a new action shown in the Job Actions trailer, and Reassemble is raised to two charges.

Dancer changes are mostly in place just to smooth out its complexity. Espirit is now guaranteed to build, new actions “Improvisation and Devilment” will be available once a player executes the Technical Finish, and some weaponskill effects including Flourishing Cascade will be used across all area-of-effect and single-target skills.

Bard will now have several new actions including a brand new action that will be available with the three songs “Mage’s Ballad”,  “Army’s Paeon”, and Wanderer’s Minuet”. A brand new action will be made available when players execute Apex Arrow, and the recast timers have been changed to 120 seconds for Wanderer’s Minuet and Battle Voice.


Ranged Magical

Black Mage is now intended to be the counterpart to Samurai, a pure magical damage dealer. The procs for both Fire IV and Thunder IV have been extended, both Fire II and Blizzard II will have an additional step, Sharpcast will get an additional charge, swapping between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice will allow new actions, and finally, Enochian will be automatically applied when players are affected by either Astral Fire or Umbral Ice.

Red Mage will now have a new action after using Scorch, a new party-wide buff known as Magic Barrier, depletion for both Black and White mana has been decreased, Embolden’s recast timer adjusted to 120 seconds, both Displacement and Engagement will have similar potency.


Melee DPS

Dragoon is getting a new Blood of the Dragon trait, its Spinshatter Dive will now have two charges, Lance Charge’s cooldown timer will be reduced to 60 seconds as well as Battle Litany reduced to 120 seconds. Upon successful execution of the weaponskill rotation combo, a new action will be available.

Monk‘s Chakras will now be unlocked at a lower level, Shoulder Tackle will be removed with a new gap-closing ability to be added, both True Strike and Twin Snakes won’t include positional effects anymore, a new action Masterful Blitz.

Samurai‘s Tsubami-gaeshi and Meikyo Shisui from now on will have two charges, a new action that is similar to Tsubame-gaeshi will be available, and effects granted by Jinpu and Shifu will be applied by the AoE combos.

Ninja will have a new ability linked to Bunshin, Shadow Fang will be removed, a Huton will be easier to activate with a new action, finally, new actions linked to Raiton and Doton will be added.

Reaper is considered a Melee DPS class that will be introduced in FFXIV Endwalker, it will use a two-handed weapon known as Scythe, it will require a starting level of 70 with no pre-requisite classes to unlock it. When using reaper, players will be able to call an avatar from the void to join the fight and serve as a host for the avatar by fusing together.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online: Endwalker will be released on November 23, 2021, and will be available on the PS4, PS5, and PC. You can pre-order it straight from the FFXIV Website.

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