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FIFA 17 And Mafia 3 On Top Of UK Sales Chart

by Damian Seeto


FIFA 17 continues its dominance in the UK sales chart, but Mafia 3 impressed a lot despite issues with glitches and other problems that it has.

Despite sales dropping by 79 percent, GFK Chart-Track reports that FIFA 17 was still the best selling video game in the UK. This is second time is has been on top.

Mafia 3 wasn’t too shabby despite being in second place. Sales for the third game are up 58.7 percent compared to the launch of Mafia 2. This is quite impressive since the previous game came out six years ago. This means interest in the franchise increased over time.

The biggest test for Mafia 3 is if it can continue selling well from this point onward. As aforementioned, impressions for the game have not been rosy thanks to technical issues and repetitive level design.

Rounding out the top five is Forza Horizon 3, Grand Theft Auto V and Rocket League. The third Mafia game was the only big new release that made it in the top 10.

Next week will be interesting as Gears of War 4, WWE 2K17 and the PlayStation VR are out. It will be interesting to see what the most popular VR game will be.

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