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Final Fantasy 15 May Still Be Getting A Day One Patch

by Mike Guarino


The delay of Final Fantasy 15 was very disappointing, but the developer’s reasoning for it made sense when all was said and done. They could have launched the game on September 30th and released a day one patch to fix all of the bugs that were present, but they instead decided to delay the game to November 29th and implement that patch into the game so those without online access wouldn’t be out of luck.

However, despite the game being delayed in order to implement that day one patch, the game’s director is now saying that it’s still possible that the game will get a day one patch anyway. Hajime Tabata recently did an interview with Hardcore Gamer, where he said the following:

“You know, whatever we can implement in the disc, we will implement in order to provide a full experience to those who purchase the game. That said, for people who do have that network connectivity or an online environment, we will continue to deliver what is necessary through those means to people who have that accessibility. Whether that be any necessary patches or DLCs moving forward, they’re two separate parts of the pod basically; one a full experience through the disc and what we can implement in the disc, and for those who have an online network connectivity, any additional support or DLCs that we can envision.”

He goes on to say that “So we’re not dismissing the patches or the DLCs whatsoever, but when looking at what is provided through the disc, we wanted to ensure that the level of quality is met in terms of what we’d like to deliver on a standard Final Fantasy release, as well as something that surpasses that quality. So especially when thinking about ensuring that a broader consumer base will be able to enjoy the game, we wanted to ensure that that was met with the disc version.”

While patches for games these days seems to be an inevitability, it will be interesting to see if the game does end up getting a sizable day one patch and what it will end up addressing. The game will launch on November 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.