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More Final Fantasy Games Could Be Heading To PS4

| December 15, 2014

More Final Fantasy Games Could Be Heading To PS4 News  Square Enix Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix may be thinking of releasing some more Final Fantasy video games on the PS4.

Earlier this month, Square Enix confirmed its porting over Final Fantasy VII to the PS4. It was then revealed last week that they are porting over Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster to the PS4 as well.

Final Fantasy series producer Shinji Hashimoto talked to 4Gamer on the possibility of porting more games the franchise onto the PS4. He said the reasoning for this is because of the system’s lack of backwards compatibility and limited “optimization of cloud gaming services.” Releasing the old games on the PS4 is the best way to present these games’ “beauty” as he puts it.

Another reason Square Enix wants to port more games over to the PS4 is because of the Chinese market. China has just got the PS4 and its their first Sony console in a long time. They want to port these games so that they can experience how fun Final Fantasy games can be.

Hashimoto didn’t want to specify which other classic Final Fantasy games could be released for the PS4. He said the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy could work, but they would need “to form a new team to do that.”

Would you like to see Square Enix port more Final Fantasy games to the PS4? If so, which ones would you like to see get ported over?

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  • The PC Master Race

    Portstation 4

    • Noscope64

      and what are wrong with ports?

      • StarveBox_One

        Nothing, He’s on every freaking PS4 related article, bashing everything announced. He literally has no life at all lol, I come to read the articles and always find him in the comments section bashing.

        • Noscope64

          When you look at it PC stands for Port Console cause the PC has a ton of ports has well. LOL

    • StarveBox_One

      Ahhhhh POS Master Disgrace you sound mad Lmao. But the PC get more ports than a lil bit LMFAO.

      P.S. Not shocked to find you here bashing the PS4 from your mother’s basement again Lmao.

      • The PC Master Race

        Say “PS4 has no games”, marketer :^)

        • StarveBox_One

          You forgot one little detail China banned consoles and everyone in the world didn’t own a PS3 last some just went PS4. Besides the FF fanbase will most definitely buy them to play them on a better console with most games being upgraded.


    • Gill Bates

      your name should be Piece of Crap Master Race! haha!

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    I really like what they are doing here, not just with FF but in general. it’s getting more steam like all of the time and that’s a good thing. Steam is easily the best part of PC gaming for me.

  • Justin

    Yes please, i can’t wait to play FFX again. i want all the FF’s to be ported on to the PS4, i’d love to go through from at least 4 to 12. 13? haha no thanks that trilogy can stay forgotten in the past

  • Daniel Masterson

    it would great to see FF VIII and IX come to PS4 with some enhancements and hopefully pave the way for a FF XII HD remaster.

  • Twitchyeye

    FF tactics with multiplayer please thank you

    • Moofarbubu

      I think your on to something here…

  • Ming

    Final fantasy crisis would be AMAZING on ps4

  • Mac


  • LizzoKane

    Id like to see FF12 ported over , thats one thats never been ported over

  • Rupa14

    FF 8 is all I need with updated graphics

  • Paige

    Does this mean there is a chance for all the Kingdom Hearts games to get ported over to the PS4 as well? t’would be nice Square

  • Spring River

    Final Fantasy 4 is a must for me

  • AuronZanark

    I’d like to see an HD remake of Final Fantasy XII. I’d like to see HD 2D remasters of Final Fantasy I, II, V, and VI on PS4, and maybe a remake of Final Fantasy III and IV, as they are already 3D.

  • Diyar

    These games was the best final fantasy ever made, arigato

  • Diyar

    Final fantasy 13 trilogy to ps4 will be worth every swedish kroner

  • Gill Bates

    FF12 and FF9 plz!! the HD remasters and international versions of both but FF12 mainly it has the most content out of the single player ffs

  • Guest

    The World map might be a lot smaller, as the amount of gig you needs to do the world map as well would make it HUGE

  • Sheridan Dwyer

    Final Fantasy 4 please! I’d absolutely LOVE to see a remake with the graphics of 12 or 13…it’s a long shot but I’d be so happy if it was made!