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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.1 Notes Released

Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty is gonna be massive.

by Brandon Adams


Once a colossal blunder and failure, FFXIV is now a gleaming gem, and Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.1 takes that gem and polishes it even further. The preliminary patch notes for Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty dropped earlier, and they’re…well, they’re overwhelming.

Patch 5.1 brings more story, a Nier raid, and substantial changes.

For anyone who has been paying attention to Final Fantasy XIV and Director-Producer Naoki Yoshida, the 24-man Nier raid is old news. That said, those in the community who argued we’d need the side quest Word About Komra completed to access the raid have been validated. That quest is in Tomra, within Kholusia, after finishing the main scenerio quests in the dwarven town.

Aside from the usual additions, like more main scenerio quests, a dungeon, extreme trial, and more gear to acquire, there is an eyewatering amount of system changes included, with quite a few fan requests making their debut.

Ninja, Samurai, and Summoner have all be overhauled, and community response thus far appears positive. All the ranged classes were buffed, with Bard gainjng some raid utility back within it’s songs. And Dragoon was buffed, for reasons? Damn near every class was buffed from the look of it, and a bunch of the job gauges were also touched up and made more user-friendly.

Throw is a vast array of crafting and gathering skill changes (no more failing quick synths, and quick gathering has been added), the new 1000 member Fellowships, PvP changes (only 72-player matches for Frontlines now), and freaking MINIMUM iLVL REQUIREMENTS FOR LEVELING DUNGEONS (bless you, Yoshi-P) among other things, and it’s easy to see Square is intent on making Final Fantasy XIV it’s crown jewel.

You can read the massive Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.1 patch notes here, and for more content and news (like the eventual FFXIV TV show) stay tuned here at Attack of the Fanboy.

- This article was updated on:October 26th, 2019

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