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Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 and 60FPS Updates Detailed

by Kyle Hanson


Square Enix has revealed many new details about Final Fantasy XV via a livestream from Japan. Thankfully, the translations have already begun, and it looks like we have some big things to look forward to this month and next. The Final Fantasy XV 60FPS update for PS4 Pro is coming on February 21st, but that’s not all.

According to the translations from fans, as compiled by Reddit, the FFXV update on the 21st will add the 60FPS option for players on PS4 Pro, but it will also add some content for all users. This includes limited time hunts, a new level cap of 120, the ability to play mp3s while riding on a Chocobo, and a raised picture limit for the camera, putting it at 200.

So a pretty solid update, but the big question for fans is, when will Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 be patched to not be such a chore. The answer seems to be March 28th, with another big update and a new DLC pack. The Gladio DLC will add a bunch of new upgrades to the game, while also trying to fix the problems that players had with the game’s worst chapter. There will also be a new chapter called Episode Gladio, which takes place during the time when Gladio left the group.

There’s more to these updates, and the translations are still being worked out, so some of this could be a bit off. Keep an eye on those threads to get the details right when they come out, and we’ll get an update out when everything seems finished.

Final Fantasy XV was extremely well received when it hit PS4 and Xbox One last year, and these updates only seem to be making the game better. Are they enough for you to jump back into the massive open world RPG experience? Let us know in the comments.

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