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First Screenshots of Fire Emblem Warriors Released

by Jose Belmonte


Koei Tecmo has opened the official Japanese website of Fire Emblem Warriors, revealing more details of the story and releasing the first official screenshots of the game. The images are related to the four original characters introduced in the game: Shion, Lian, Darios, and Yuana. The first two are the son and daughter of the queen Yuana, who need to take back their kingdom after they are surprised by the attack of otherworld-creatures.

While the story is focused on these original characters, players will take control of other heroes from the Fire Emblem series, who can be summoned using the Fire Shield. In total, Koei Tecmo has said that the character roster will pass in number the selection of other Warriors collaborations, which should mean that players will be able to control around 18 characters in total.

The gameplay will make use of classic Fire Emblem features like unit classes, and it will allow character switches in order to change the strategy in the middle of a battle. While there will not be a marriage system in the game, players will be able to build friendships and alliances through Bond Conversations.

Fire Emblem Warriors is expected to release worldwide on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS this fall. Check out more screenshots below and visit the official website to see them all.



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