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Fortnite is Getting Rideable Wildlife Later in Season 8

Rideable Wildlife are coming to Fortnite Season 8.
Fornite Boar taming

Fortnite is getting rideable wildlife later in Season 8 if all the leaks from the sharp-eyed players on Twitter are true. The evidence behind this exciting revelation comes from players spotting new control schemes for Riding and Dismounting in the menus following the Season 8 update. This all but confirms that something is going to be rideable in the game sooner than later.

Where Can You Find The Riding Options?


The basis of this leak comes from the PC version of Fortnite. In your menu, go to Keyboard Controls. From there you will see an option for Riding that has bindings able to be set for both Riding Ability as well as Dismount. The menu cannot currently be used though as there are no buttons to assign to a task that isn’t yet viable, so sit tight here.

Which Wildlife Can You Ride?


This is the big question surrounding the revelations. Since Season 6 of Fortnite, we have been able to tame the wildlife, but up until recently, there has been no evidence that these creatures would be rideable. In terms of which might be ridable, it seems like the Boars would be a solid bet, though the craziness of Fortnite would possibly point to the Raptors being a more fitting match.

What About Flying Animals?


While the dream of being able to fly around the map in Fortnite hasn’t really been utilized yet, there are also reports that flying animals might make an appearance as well. These have not had any rideable features reported though and will likely just consist of animals that will drop high-quality weapons and meat. It’s probably too much to ask to be able to ride Pterodactyls around Fortnite as the game balance would probably be thrown off a bit, but we can dream.

Fortnite Season 8 would receive a huge boost in popularity if rideable animals were to appear soon as it would add a whole new layer to the game that would increase the player’s need to tame animals as it could now directly benefit from traversal. Season 8 has had some cool additions already, none the least being the Shang Chi add-on, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Epic Games decided to up the ante one more time with this awesome addition.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, IOS, and Android.

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