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Games Done Quick to Host Event Benefiting Hurricane Harvey Relief

by Jennifer Locke


Late last week and early this week, Hurricane Harvey caused massive destruction and unprecedented flooding throughout Texas, with much of the damage centered in Houston. Experts estimate it could be months before people can go back to their homes, and the devastation will have a long lasting effect. To aid in the relief effort, Games Done Quick, an annual speedrunning charity, is hosting a special event this weekend to benefit those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Yesterday on Twitter, Games Done Quick sent out a tweet asking if people would participate in or donate to an online GDQ marathon to support the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. Shortly after, it was announced that Harvey Relief Done Quick is official, and will take place this weekend from Friday, September 1 at 8PM through Sunday, September 3 at 8PM EDT.

The group is still searching for a charity as most of the local ones are difficult to reach at the moment. Games Done Quick will provide an update as soon as one is found.

Submissions to take place in the event can be found here. In the span of a seven hours, GDQ received submissions from over 350 runners willing to participate. If you cannot participate yourself, please consider donating and spreading the word about this marathon.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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