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Genshin Impact Awkwardly Adds Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy

Does this mean we'll also be getting robotic dinos?!

by Andron Smith


Aloy has always been a bit of an explorer but fans never expected she’d find herself in the world of Genshin Impact. Today in a blog post on their forum as well as a tweet, the developer announced the collaboration which will bring the bow wielder to the land of overly cute waifus. Genshin Impact just saw their Inazuma patch go live with update 2.0 so this reveal felt suiting with new lands and lots of new content to explore. If you’re looking to nab the five-star Aloy in Genshin impact, you’ll have to wait until the version 2.1 update which is currently slated for October 13th. Unfortunately, the reception to her implementation into the game has been a bit more divisve.

Kawaii Robot Hunter

The aforementioned tweet provided very basic information not even including which game Aloy is from which was a bit odd. The tweet read “Everything I do is in the service of life, not death. That’s why I’m here with you” which fits her character well enough but the design they chose ages her down when she’s a grown-ass woman within her own game. Multiple fans on Twitter and around the net voiced disappointment in her look as well as questioning how she would fit into the storyline at all. As with most collabs, taking a beloved character and slapping them into another game has not been met with unanimous applause.

The blog post on the other hand details a bit more about her backstory. To sum it up, supposedly after dealing with the events during Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy thought she was done but “has now come to Teyvat in search of a new challenge.” While certainly not canon in any way, the developers appear to at least be trying to make the timelines match up without interfering with the events yet to come in Horizon Forbidden West‘s story sometime later this year. While some fans are straight-up confused on who Aloy is in the first place, her upcoming addition, if nothing else, was a surprising one for the rest of us.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. Be sure to check our guides while you’re here!

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