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Grand Theft Auto V Remastered Getting Updated Radio Tracks

by Damian Seeto


The remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be getting updated radio tracks for some of the stations in the game.

This news comes courtesy of a tweet from British model Cara Delevingne. She said she is back at Rockstar Games to update “my GTA V radio station Non Stop Pop FM”. It sounds like the updated radio tracks are only going to appear for the new versions of Grand Theft Auto V coming this Fall. It doesn’t sound like DLC or updates will be made for the original PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

It’s unknown at this point how many of the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V will be getting updated tracks. The game already had loads of songs and radio stations. There were some tracks that were originally scheduled to be included on Non Stop Pop FM, but they got cut. Maybe the tracks will be added to the game now in the remaster.

According to the Grand Theft Auto V wiki, there were 19 unused tracks for Non Stop Pop FM. Some of these songs included “I Like It” by Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias. There was also “American Boy” by Estelle as well just to name a few.

Will you be happy new tracks will be added to the radio stations in the game?

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