Attack of the Fanboy

Take Two going after GTA 5 Scams

by William Schwartz


Take Two is going after those looking to prey on GTA 5 fans. Since its announcement, there have been numerous fake Grand Theft Auto sites that have popped up, with the promise of giving fans a chance at beta access to the upcoming sequel. Of course these sites aren’t legit, and are only trying to capitalize on the game’s popularity, and likely steal users information.

A new report out of Fusible claims that Take Two has four active cases logged with the World Intellectual Property Organization, so hopefully they’ll be able to keep the scam sites at bay as GTA 5 fever heats up.

The game is slated for a fall release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though if you see any sites hit your Facebook or Twitter feeds, keep in mind that they are most likely fake. Rockstar hasn’t announced any beta for GTA 5, and a good place to check before giving out your personal information would be the Rockstar Newswire.

Rockstar’s silence of GTA 5 isn’t helping fan impatience. Grand Theft Auto followers have been looking for every opportunity to get new information about the game, but after a big reveal late last year and recently announced delay of the game, Rockstar has been pretty quiet.

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