GTA Online January 20 Weekly Update: Prize Ride, Podium Vehicle, Bonuses, Discounts

All the new weekly update information!

by Gordon Bicker


GTA Online has been receiving weekly updates for a significant amount of time and these updates are likely what factor into the games success and continuation of services for players throughout the globe. This week is no different with the weekly update comprising of multiple elements and beneficial discounts for any player to utilise. This article will take you through all of the additions with the weekly updates and some of the discounts available to players within the GTA Online weekly update.

With any weekly update, discounts make their streamlined appearance time and time again with them being the vessels that allow players to acquire a lot of equipment in a short amount of time for a lot less money than what is first expected to be able to purchase them.

Twitter User ‘TezFunz2’ made note of all of the additions with this particular weekly update and their respective discounts. Within the list, it can be seen that a new vehicle was even added into the experience in the form of the ‘I-Wagen’. This car will cost you $1,720,000 if you want to add it to your collection of cars that you have stocked throughout your various businesses and garages across Los Santos. The Prize ride this week is the Calico GTF and the Podium Vehicle being the ‘Drift Tampa’. Ideal for all your drifting needs. Whether you are making your way through Los Santos with bodyguards or simply relaxing in your garage looking at the cars, these vehicles will be ideal for your collection.

Of course, there is also triple and double RP and money on various missions in the experience. Simeon Contact Missions will net you 3x RP and money whereas you will get 2x RP and money on the ‘South Central Leak’ and the most difficult Target Adversary Mode. Furthermore, the largest discount this week will get you 60% off the Wastelander, bringing it to a total of $198,000. Other discounts this week are 30% off the ‘Agency Armory’ which will bring the total to $504,000 for players to be able to purchase. Furthermore, there is 30% off the Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher. There are many other discounts available for players this week and even new music added to radio stations.

Will you be playing through the weekly update in GTA Online?

GTA V is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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