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GTA V Getting New DLC on December 12th

by William Schwartz

Grand Theft Auto V is getting new downloadable content on December 12th in the form of a new Heist for GTA Online. “The Doomsday Heist” has recently been revealed with a trailer, and the new DLC looks like it’s got a lot of new content for the game.

The new Heist for GTA Online is going to be somewhat different than those that have been previously released.  Rockstar appears to be taking a page out of the Saints Row playbook with an over-the-top storyline and some new gameplay mechanics that include jetpacks, flying cars, and a massive submarine.

The story of the Heist is going to revolve around Avon Hertz, Lester, and a supercomputer named Clifford who team up to save San Andreas.  It’s been a while since new Heist content has released for GTA Online.

2017 was a rather slow year for content in the game.  While the Gunrunning update and Smuggler’s Run DLC were released earlier this year, it looks like Rockstar is looking to cap off the year with a bang.

The Doomsday Heist will arrive on December 12th.

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