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Halo 4 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

by William Schwartz


Depending on where you pre-purchase your copy of Halo 4, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes down to customizing your Spartan armor and weapons. As is the case with most big video game releases these days, Halo 4 will get different armor and weapons skins from pre-ordering from specific retailers that’ll distinguish you from the rest of the Spartans on the field of battle.

According to Best Buy: The pre-order bonuses can be used in competitive and cooperative matches, customized with your choice of colors. Though Halo Infinity Multiplayer will “revert players to default colors in some competitive modes.” Those who pre-order will receive a download code “on or around release date”.

The gallery below will show what armors are being offered at specific retailers/

Halo 4 Pre-Order Bonuses

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