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Hitman 3 For PS5 Revealed As Agent 47’s Most Intimate Contract Yet

The final part of the World of Assassination Trilogy.

by Dean James


The Hitman franchise has has an interesting trajectory over the years. It started with a series of games that eventually got rebooted in the episodic Hitman from IO Interactive while at Square Enix. IO Interactive broke away from Square Enix with the rights and made Hitman 2, which moved away from the episodic style. Now, it has been revealed that the next entry in this reboot series is coming next year for the PS5 under the name Hitman III.

This announcement came today during the PlayStation 5 reveal event with a short trailer that seems to hint at story playing a bigger role in the series once again. According to IO Interactive, this game will be his most intimate and professional contract of Agent 47’s career as it wraps up the “World of Assassination” trilogy of games that started with the Hitman reboot.

Following the CG trailer, we did get a little glimpse into the actual world of the game with Agent 47 in Dubai. Seeing him scale one of the giant skyscrapers in Dubai looks pretty amazing, so that should be incredible to actually play.

While this event only revealed the game for PS5, IO Interactive has confirmed Hitman III will be coming in January 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

Hitman III – Announcement Trailer PS5

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