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Hunt: Showdown Arrives in Steam Early Access

by C.J. Keller


Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has arrived in Steam Early Access.  After a recent Alpha phase the game can now be purchased on Steam for $29.99.  We recently tried the game during the alpha test and came away impressed with a number of the different gameplay mechanics found in this PvPvE multiplayer title.

You can find our full impressions from the Hunt: Showdown Alpha in our hands-on preview of the game.

Hunt: Showdown pits multiple teams of two Hunters looking to track down an AI controlled monster.  Teams look for clues that will lead them to the location of the monster, but other teams are also looking for the monster at the same time.  Players can engage in battle with each other or with the many enemies found throughout the multiplayer map.

Once the monster is found players must banish it and collect its bounty.  If successful they must then make their way to an exit point on the map without being killed by other teams.

Our impressions of the game claim that “There are actually a lot of great ideas in Hunt: Showdown that Crytek has learned from other shooters, but the combination of everything makes it feel incredibly distinctive,” but does note that the game has the feeling of an Early Access title being a little rough around the edges.

You can find the game on Steam.

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