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Is GT5 A.I. Really Better Than Forza 4?

by William Schwartz


With the release of Forza 4 comes the predictable Forza vs: GT5 comparisons and fanboy wars in any forum that mentions either title.  Common sense will say that either title has its ups and downs, and it is best to enjoy both for what they are.  But when have the internet, fanboys, and common sense ever played well together?

One of the recent hot topics in debate are the quality of A.I. in both games.  One such video displayed a rather humerus and seemingly indisputable advantage that GT5 A.I. has over Forza 4.  See the “facts” for yourself.

Game, set, match?  Think again… (Sadly the Spec 2.0 version of GT5 had no mention of A.I. updates.)

Or are we all wrong here???  Maybe we are all mistaken and Forza 4 and GT5 A.I. are FAR more realistic than we think.  Check this out…

Fluke?  Here is another…

The fight continues.  One thing to note is that I have not done this kind of test myself (why the hell would I?  I am trying to race, not foul up the A.I.), but one has to wonder what A.I. difficulty settings were used in each case, and if that really makes a difference.  Also remember that A.I. is a series of calculations, and there is always a way to foul it up, if you try hard and long enough (and there will be someone with video capture ready if you do), and the same goes for real drivers as you can see above.

Logic aside, the battle will continue I am sure.  If it means anything, I find the A.I. in Forza 4 and GT5 to be both pretty good, but they both have their moments of error, just like in real life.  Now THAT is realistic.

- This article was updated on:December 4th, 2017

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