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How to Check if Xbox Live is Down Again

by William Schwartz


Microsoft’s Xbox Live Network has been going down a lot recently.  From hackers taking down the popular online gaming network, to intermittent outages, log-in issues, and problems with specific apps on the network like IGN or others — the last year hasn’t been kind to the once reliable premium service. Unlike the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live doesn’t have regularly scheduled maintenance and updates to the Xbox Store that take it offline, so there’s no real rhyme or reason to why the network works sometimes and others not.

Not all downtime on the Xbox platforms affect things crucial to the service like online gaming.  Many times the Xbox Live Core Social and Gaming aspects of the online network are fully functional, while other aspects like purchasing content and games or DLC, or things like TV, Music, and Video aren’t working.  Xbox Live also has an abundance of applications that may see trouble from time to time, that don’t affect the core services of the network.

In most cases, there’s not much you can do to get Xbox Live back up and running on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console, you pretty much have to wait for Microsoft to fix the issues before it will work again.  Thankfully most Xbox Live outages only last for a short period of time, but there is the rare instance where the service is down for an extended period of time.

If Xbox Live is currently down for you, and you want to see the most recent outages that have been reported you can check out the list below for details of what might be wrong and comments from the support team about an ETA on when Xbox Live will be fixed.

Most Recent Xbox Live Outages

You can find the most recent Xbox Live Outages for Services, Specific Games, and other aspects of the Service like the Xbox Website and Apps by following this link.

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