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Killer Instinct Coming to Steam; New Character Revealed

by Jose Belmonte


Today it’s been announced that Killer Instict is getting released on Steam in the near future, as the official Twitter account and CEO founder Alex Jebailey have revealed. This would be the first time that the fighting game will be available on a platform not owned by Microsoft, with the game being an Xbox One exclusive for some time, and being released on Windows 10 last year.

The message of the official Twitter account said: “That’s right, KI is coming to Steam later this year! Thanks to for helping us break the news. More details to follow.” Although that doesn’t reveal much, it is likely that the game will be available in the same versions as the Microsoft Store: with a free to play version with a limited selection of characters and a Definitive Edition including the full roster of fighters.

Current owners of the Definitive Edition will get a new character in the coming days called Eagle, which has been presented this weekend as well. The new fighter is the brother of Thunder, another character of the game, and he has the same Native American roots. The new trailer describes how Eagle was imprisoned by Aria and has returned as a cyborg. Watch the announcement trailer below.

Eagle’s Trailer

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