Attack of the Fanboy

Kinect Virtual Molestation Game is Creepy

by Bill Hess


Have you always wanted to virtually molest things? Well if you own a Kinect Motion controller this just might be part of your future if so inclined.  This creepy video shows the wonderful Kinect hack of virtual avatar molestation first hand.

Complete with a child like soundtrack to really hit home with the pedophillic undertones.  Featured in the video is Miku, the Japanese singing “sensation”.  If you find this at all intriguing and can’t wait to get your hands on this (no pun intended),  foremost you may need to seek medical help, but if you are just here because of your love for the bizarre then have a look at the video below.

On a side note, If the whole Miku thing flew over your head, Miku is a virtual creation by Yamaha which in all actuality is a singing synthesizer, with a holographic avatar that holds popular concerts in Japan.

Surpisingly this is very popular in Japan and equally weird, so I guess the real point of this story is Japan Likes Weird Stuff.

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