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The Last Guardian’s Latest Screenshots Continue To Show Beauty Of The Game

by Dean James


The Last Guardian was originally unveiled as a game that many thought to be a system seller for the PS3, but after years of the game being quietly delayed, it got its grand re-unveiling at E3 2015 for the PS4 and is finally set to release in just a few months. With the upcoming release, we’re bound to get more footage and the latest screenshots are elevating our hype even further for the game.

The Last Guardian is the third game in the Ico trilogy, though it really has nothing to do with the previous games in story or anything. The story follows a boy and a creature named Trico, but we really still haven’t seen all that much about the game as a whole, which makes any new images all the better.

As released by the official PlayStation Facebook page, five new screenshots of The Last Guardian are now available that all look fantastic. These images feature areas that we’ve seen previously in the gameplay trailers, with most of them being zoomed out quite a bit that help to show the scale of the game’s world.

Make sure to check out the other four images below and get ready for the release of The Last Guardian on October 25 exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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