The Last Of Us Remastered Patch 1.02 Out Now

by Dean James

The Last of Us Remastered released about a week and a half ago for the PlayStation 4 and as you can tell from our review, we absolutely adored this upgraded version. One element that is often forgotten about when it comes to The Last of Us is the multiplayer, with all of the attention focused on the single player most of the time. However, Naughty Dog hasn’t forgotten about it, as they have released patch 1.02 for the game.

The new patch involves only the multiplayer aspect of the game, specifically the matchmaking.

“As many of you may know, especially if you are among the many, many, many people who have been playing our Factions multiplayer mode, that some people have been experiencing long wait times while trying to find a match. We’ve deployed several LiveUpdates over the past week in an effort to improve the matchmaking wait times. Things have definitely improved but there still remains work for us to get the matchmaking experience where we feel it should be. Patch 1.02 is our latest effort to continuing improving the matchmaking experience.”

This update weighs in at 142 MB, so it shouldn’t take you too overly long to get this latest patch. Also, Naughty Dog recommends that if you are having trouble finding a match, just exit out of matchmaking and try again, as this typically will find you a match much faster if this patch doesn’t help.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018