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Latest Fallout 4 Patch Rolled Back Due To Mod Support Issues

by Mike Guarino


Recently Bethesda released patch 1.7.19 for Fallout 4, which was a minor one that just included some general fixes and updates for the game. However, something apparently went wrong with the update, resulting in Bethesda having to roll the update back until they get the problems ironed out.

This wasn’t initially announced by Bethesda, as users on Reddit were reporting that their games had been rolled back to 1.7.15. After enough people started asking about, the company said the following:

“We are investigating an issue with Mods not appearing properly with the 1.7.19 update. We are working to resolve the issue quickly and we may roll back the 1.7.19 update temporarily until we can get a fix tested and deployed. Thanks for your patience.”

Bethesda didn’t give an ETA on when the update may be reinstated, but it sounds like it shouldn’t be too long of a process. What’s most interesting is that this also applies to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which doesn’t feature mod support at all.

It was recently revealed that Bethesda was still trying to get mod support for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, citing that they had some alternatives that they haven’t shared yet. The lack of PS4 mod support has to do with Sony’s policies rather than actual problems with the game, which you can learn more about by clicking right here.

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