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Latest Overwatch Patch Fixes Mercy, Winston, And Zarya Bugs

by Mike Guarino


A new patch has been released for Blizzard’s Overwatch, and this one fixes some bugs that were present with a few of the game’s characters and the new Competitive Play mode. While many have assumed that the patch was solely for the new mode, it seems more of it focuses on character bugs in the PC version of the game.

The characters who have been tweaked thanks to this patch are Mercy, Winston and Zarya, which addresses things like damage-scaling and attack inconsistency. Zarya’s right-click bomb shot will no longer be stuck at a high-value even while her energy charge depletes. Winston’s melee attacks during Primal Rage will now strike more consistently, whereas Mercy’s beams will no longer disconnect from allies when switching from healing to damage buffing.

Competitive Play has gotten some tweaks, as well, though they are minor adjustments that involve leaving and rejoining games. The main tweak has to do with people leaving a match just before it concludes, negatively impacting the skill points that are doled out. Game director Jeff Kaplan said that “We definitely don’t want people getting shrekt,” when it comes to people leaving matches to take away from other players.

Blizzard recently revealed that they will be suing the creators of a cheating program within Overwatch, which they report has caused them “to lose millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and to suffer irreparable damage to its goodwill and reputation.”

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