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Half Life 2: Episode 3 Listed on GameStop Website

by William Schwartz


Half Life fans have been waiting for years for any indication that Valve is working on a continuation to the popular series. The company has given no details or clues about when the next title will arrive, or what it will be called? Will it be Half Life 3? Half Life 2: Episode 3? Fans have been left wondering after the conclusion of Episode 2.

Recently, a listing on was discovered to have Half Life 2: Episode 3 listed in its Power Up Rewards section. Do they know something that noone else does? Reddittor, StillDefective found the listing on the site, and capped a screen of it for all to speculate on.

Click to enlarge
You can find the screen below, and from it, you won’t find many details about the rumored release from Valve. Is GameStop getting in on the Half Life cruelty? Or is Valve readying an announcement of the next Half Life game? Valve has already said that it will not be revealing anything new at E3 2012, and company head Gabe Newell recently went on the record to say that he had no new information about the game on a recent podcast, in what may or may not have been the closest thing to a confirmation that Valve is indeed working on the title.

For now, the GameStop listing should be taken as nothing more than a rumor.

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