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Lucas Arts going grounded with Star Wars 1313

by William Schwartz


Star Wars 1313 was the talk of E3 2012 with its flashy graphics and glimpse into what to expect from the next generation. Since then, Lucas Arts has been quiet about the next Star Wars title in the pipeline.

Today however, The Official PlayStation Magazine released a new interview that sheds even more light on the game, and how Lucas Arts is looking to create a “more grounded” version of the Star Wars Universe.

“We wanted to go with something that had a much more relatable hero character, somebody that was more grounded. That meant ultimately having a character that was bound by the range of human ability,” said Dominic Robillard the creative director of the game.

“It’s a completely different equation. The cool thing about that is you can go for much more visceral and exciting gameplay, with a guy that you know can die. It’s something that fits really well with this dangerous criminal underworld.”

Star Wars 1313 Interview

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