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Lucioball returns in 2nd Overwatch Summer Games

by Mark McLean


Overwatch’s Summer Games event will return on August 8th and run for three weeks. Blizzard is set to repeat last year’s schedule events, which began with the Summer Games event to coincide with the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. The event also saw the first new game mode Lucioball, with competing teams all playing as Lucio, Overwatch’s Brazilian DJ in games of bouncy soccer, similar to Rocket League.

The details of the sport themed event were revealed in an update video from Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan, and will introduce several changes to last year’s popular mini game. Importantly to gameplay, the ability to use Lucio’s ‘boop’ ability to bounce enemy players has been removed to prevent the strategy of bouncing the opponent’s goal keeper off the goal line. Secondly, Lucio’s Ultimate has been changed, last year it sucked the ball towards the player, this time it will give players a speed and jump boost which Kaplan described as ‘Super Lucio’.

A new stadium set in Sydney, Australia will join the first one in Rio, and the new ‘CopaLucio’ matches will be ranked. Players will receive a special spray for competing in 10 ranked matches, and the 500 top players in each region will get an even more exclusive spray. Speaking of cosmetics, there will be a new range of skins available in addition to the ones that were available last year (…..I’m sure they were supposed to be limited time only…..). Skins can be bought with credits, and the older ones will be reduced in price. New skins will cost 3000/750/225/75 credits for the Legendary/Epic/Rare and Common grades and last years ones will be 1000/250/75/25 respectively. Of course, the skins may also show up in a loot box, and duplicates should be rarer due to Blizzard’s recent overhaul of the loot box drop rate system.

The Overwatch Summer Games is a free event running from August 8th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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