Attack of the Fanboy

MAG community upset with server shutdown, looking for bot support

by William Schwartz


Sony will shutter servers for SOCOM and MAG in early 2014. Last week the company announced that they would discontinue the online portions of these games, and the remaining players on these titles are obviously upset about the news. In the case of MAG, players have put together a petition for Sony to add bot support to the game to keep it functional.

Without online servers MAG is a pretty useless game. So fans have taken to Change.org to ask Zipper Interactive to add support for bots. According to the petition, “Sure, it may not have been as big of a title as predicted, but it still sees players online everyday. When the announcement of the servers shutting down hit, it felt like a game we purchased was being taken away from us. Many have even purchased MAG recently, only to learn it was a waste of money, because they were essentially renting the game until January.”

This situation is one that we’ll likely continue to see in the future with multiplayer only experiences like MAG. When it no longer becomes a profitable venture for Sony to keep footing the bill for servers each month, they’ve got no other choice but to flip the switch. The petition doesn’t have much support right now, but if you would like to send your support of this to Sony, you can do so, here.

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