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Major NZ Retailer Pulls Grand Theft Auto V From Stores

by Damian Seeto


The Warehouse retail chain in New Zealand has announced it’s no longer selling R18 material at its stores anymore. The decision was mainly based on the recent sale of Grand Theft Auto V.

As reported by NZGamer, The Warehouse is no longer stocking R18 video games, DVDs and Blu-ray movies in all of its stores. This even includes the Noel Leeming stores it also owns as well.

A major catalyst to the decision was spurred with the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 and Xbox One. The Warehouse chief executive Mark Powell mentioned the game’s new “first person perspective” was a big factor as to why they decided to “exit the R18 games and DVD market.” The amount of violence and sexual content wasn’t taken so lightly.

The Warehouse wants to be viewed as a “family-friendly” retailer and this decision has been viewed positively by parents and families across New Zealand.

On the other side, there are many gamers and adults that feel this is an unnecessary thing to not stock R18 material at all. This will probably mean the retailer will not be stocking Mortal Kombat X when it comes out next year.

Gamers in New Zealand don’t need to worry too much though. The Warehouse and Noel Leeming aren’t the only places that stock games and movies. You can always get R18 stuff from JB Hi Fi, EB Games and Mighty Ape just to name a few.

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