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First Mario Kart 8 Review: It’s the greatest of the series

by William Schwartz


Mario Kart 8 reviews are due to arrive en masse shortly, but Nintendo’s highly anticipated racer is already getting glowing praise from critics. Edge Magazine is the first outlet to review the game due later this month, heaping praise on Mario Kart 8 and giving it a 9/10.

Notoriously tough Edge Magazine says that Mario Kart 8 is “The Greatest Mario Kart yet,” and that the game is “As essential as Super Mario 3D World.”

It’s a good sign that Mario Kart 8 is already getting praise. It’s one game that Nintendo desperately needs consumers to want bad enough to purchase a Wii U, of which sales have been struggling recently.

It’s too early to tell if all reviews will come in as positive as Edge, but this first review for Mario Kart 8 has certainly made the wait for the May 30th release on Wii U seem a little bit longer.

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